How do you add someone to a Colorado title?

You must have an active title with no liens (loans) against your title.  To add someone to your vehicle title, this is done by all parties signing off as sellers as they appear on the front of the title and all parties signing on as buyer, including the new person.

If you want the title in Joint Tenancy with Rights of Survivorship, you will need a completed Department of Revenue form DR 2395 Joint Tenancy Form signed by all parties. You can find this DR2395 Form online at, or we can provide that Form to you.

Visit a Montrose County Vehicle Registration office near you. Montrose is located at 317 South 2nd Street or Nucla is located at 300 Main St.

Be sure to bring the title, proof of insurance and your Government issued photo ID, along with the title update fee of $7.20. If you have a new lien (loan), please bring the new security agreement with you.


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