How much will the registration be for my new car?

Online: For a general estimate of the cost of your registration, go to   

Keep in mind this is only registration fees, you may still be responsible for sales/use taxes and any specialty plate fees.  

In Person: Visit a Montrose County Vehicle Registration office near you. Montrose is located at 317 South 2nd Street or Nucla is located at 300 Main St. Registration is based on several variables.  Please bring all of your paperwork so that we have all the information in order to get you a more accurate estimate. This needs to be done by the person or persons that are on the title. If you have someone transact on your behalf, they will need a notarized power of attorney along with the paperwork. Examples of what you will need include but are not limited to: title or MSO, invoice or bill of sale, joint tenancy form, vin inspection, proof of insurance and US Government issued ID.

We are not able to give estimates over the phone.

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11. How much will the registration be for my new car?
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