2019 BOCC Resolutions


Resolution 1-2019 - County Treasurer To Deposit And Invest of Public Funds
Resolution 2-2019 - Petitioning The Board Of Directors Of The Western Colorado Regional Dispatch Center
Resolution 3-2019 - Annual Reorganization, Notice Of Meetings, Appointments & Authorizations Resolution
Resolution 4-2019 - Repeal Of Resolution #39-2013
Resolution 5-2019 - Additions & Deletions Of Roads To The County Road Maintenance System
Resolution 6-2019 - Adopting The 2018 Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan
Resolution 7-2019 - Amend MC Zoning Resolution to Include Section B.2.J.
Resolution 8-2019 - Resolution Opposing the Reintroduction of Wolves to Colorado 
Resolution 9-2019 - Approve Request of C & R To Increase # Of Electors Within Precincts in MC to 2,000 Active Eligible Electors
Resolution 10-2019 - Adopting A Revised Grants Policy & Repealing/Replacing All Previous Versions
Resolution 11-2019 - Affirming Support Of 2nd Amendment Rights/Increase Mental Health Care Availability In Colorado
Resolution 12-2019 - Amend The Montrose County School-In-Lieu Fee Calculation
Resolution 13-2019 - Adopting Revised Regulations Concerning Ambulance Services in Montrose County
Resolution 14-2019 - Amend MC Zoning Resolution For Section A.2.K General Agricultural District & B.2.E General Residential District To Increase The Number Of Children Allowed In State Licensed Day-Care Homes
Resolution 15-2019 - Approving And Authorizing The Transfer Of Certain Personal Property To WestCO
Resolution 16-2019 - Authorizing To Post Speed Limits on 6200 Road
Resolution 17-2019 - Concerning Naming Jigsaw Road for Addressing & Emergency Services
Resolution 18-2019 - Amendment To The Zentmeyer Intrafamily Subdivision Lifting a Plat Note and Vacating a Portion of County Right-Of-Way on 6130 and Monroe Roads
Resolution 19-2019 - Regarding A Supplemental Appropriation To The Budget For The Fiscal Year Ending December 31, 2019
Resolution 20-2019 - Authorizing Assignment To The Colorado Housing And Finance Authority Of A Private Activity Bond Allocation
Resolution 21-2019 - County Maintenance Responsibility of Existing Subdivision Roads Affected By Resolution 7-96
Resolution 22-2019 - Camp V Special Use Permit Location On The North Side Of State Highway 141 West Of The Town Of Naturita
Resolution 23-2019 - Vacation Of Certain Designated Public Roadways And Alleyways Shown On The Town Plat For The Unincorporated Town Of Redvale
Resolution 24-2019 - Surplus Property Declaration of Light Fleet Vehicles and Heavy Fleet Vehicles and Equipment To Be Disposed Of Through Advertisement, Trade, Auction or Scrap
Resolution 25-2019 - Surplus Property Declaration Of Items And Equipment Located At The West End Road And Bridge Yard And In The Former Welding Shop At The Fairgrounds To Be Disposed Of Through Advertisement, Trade, Auction or Scrap
Resolution 26-2019 - Special Use Permit Located on Falcon Road-Garrett Estate Cellars Winery & Tasting Room
Resolution 27-2019 - Confirming Use Of Funds From METSA By The MC Regional Dispatch Center
Resolution 28-2019 Intergovernmental Agreement for portion of Hwy 550
Resolution 29-2019 - BOCC of MC Authorizing To Post Speed Limits On DD30 Road, DD31 Road and 90 Road
Resolution 30-2019 - BOCC of MC Authorizing To Post Speed Limits On 90 Road
Resolution 31-2019 - Extending The Termination Date Of Uncompahgre Pest Control District & Setting The Mill Levy
Resolution 32-2019 - Canceling Uncollected Property Tax
Resolution 33-2019 - Amending International Building Code, Residential Code, International Energy Conservation Code, National Conference Of States On Building Codes, Standards/American National Standards Institute, Non-Permanent Foundations Guide For Manufactured Housing Applicable To The Unincorporated Areas Of Montrose County Colorado
Resolution 34-2019 - Approval Of Ballot Issue For 11/5/19 Coordinated Election to Increase Ad Valorem Property Taxes for Delta County Public Library District
Resolution 35 - Special Use Permit For 3XM Grinding And Compost to Allow Grinding & Composting Facility On Amber Road
Resolution 36 - Authorization to Post A Speed Limit On 5400 Road And A Change To The Posted Speed Limit On Easter Road
Resolution 37-2019 Telluride Grant for Trail Signage for West End
Resolution 38-2019 Montrose County Holidays 2020
Resolution 39-2019 Special Use Permit Rusnak Campground/ Rental
Resolution 40-2019 Seperation of Public Health and Human Services
Resolution 41-2019 Speed limit on Dave Wood Road

Resolution 42-2019 Speed limit on FFA Road, Nucla
Resolution 43-2019 Rezoning to commercial Hwy 550 and Trout Road
Resolution 44-2019 Est. Child Care Assistance reimb rates
Resolution 45-2019 2020 Commissioners Board Meeting Calendar
Resolution 46-2019 Supplemental Appropriation to Budget 2019
Resolution 47-2019 Budget Adoption and Appropriation 2020
Resolution 48-2019 Est. Mill Levies & Levying Property Taxes for the Levy year 19-20
Resolution 49-2019 METSA Rate set for 2020
Resolution 50-2019 Speed limit change - 6020 Road
Resolution 51-2019 Prestige Valley Estate maintenance approved
Resolution 52-2019 Buckhorn Heights Subdivision Road maintenance
Resolution 53-2019 Withdrawal of Junk Ordinance draft
Resolution 54-2019 Cert of Designation for 3xm facility