2018 BOCC Resolutions

Resolution 2018-01 - 2018 County Holidays
Resolution 2018-02 - Posting of Speed Limit on 6175 Rd.
Resolution 2018-03 - Speed Limit Change on Lincoln Rd.
Resolution 2018-04 - 2018 Board Meeting Calendar
Resolution 2018-05 - Administrative Appointment and Designations
Resolution 2018-06 - Designate Maher School House Historic Landmark
Resolution 2018-07 - Annual Appointments to County Board & Committee Positions
Resolution 2018-08 - Montrose Emergency Telephone Service Authority (METSA) Surcharge
Resolution 2018-09 - 6530 Road Speed Limit
Resolution 2018-10 - Approval of Lease for Four Motor Graders for Use by Road and Bridge Department
Resolution 2018-11 - Disposal of Surplus Property - Light Fleet Vehicle and Miscellaneous Equipment
Resolution 2018-12 - Disposal of Surplus Property - Heavy Fleet Vehicle and Miscellaneous Equipment
Resolution 2018-13 - Surplus Property Declaration of Misc.  Equipment to be disposed of through Advertisement,Trade, Auction or Scrap 
Resolution 2018-14 - County Treasurer Deposit and Investment of Public Funds
Resolution 2018-15 - Rezoning of Lot 2, Wynne-Seibert Minor Subdivision from General Agricultural to General Commercial
Resolution 2018-16 - Approval of Additions and Deletions of Roads to County Road Maintenance System
Resolution 2018-17 - Dedication of a Portion of Chipeta Road
Resolution 2018-18 - Approval of Base Products Gravel Pit #1 Special Use (SU-17-0040)
Resolution 2018-19 - Payment of Tax Lien on Airport Property at 2200 Airport Road
Resolution 2018-20 - Surplus Property Heavy Fleet Vehicle & Miscellaneous Equipment for Disposal by Donation to Paradox Fire Dept.
Resolution 2018-21 - BOCC Compliance with Colorado Open Meetings Law
Resolution 2018-22 - Inda Special Use Permit at 630 Spring Creek Road
Resolution 2018-23 - Riverside Developers Rezone Tract 1 of Goodhue Boundary Line Adjustment
Resolution 2018-24 - Spring Canyon Road Improvement
Resolution 2018-25 - Supplemental Appropriation to Budget for Fiscal Year Ending December 31, 2018
Resolution 2018-26 - Disposal of Heavy Fleet Vehicle Surplus
Resolution 2018-27 - Disposal of Light Fleet Vehicle Surplus Property
Resolution 2018-28 - Lock Stock and Barrel Special Use Permit on Highway 348
Resolution 2018-29 - Accept Dedication of Road ROW Plat for Portion of 6900 Road.
Resolution 2018-30 - Adoption of Ordinance to Authorize Fire Restrictions and Limited Fire Ban to Reduce Danger of Wildfires
Resolution 2018-31 - Repealing Resolutions 26-96 and 28-96 and Revoking Montrose County Policy Enterprise Zone and Tax Incentive Policy Guidelines
Resolution 2018-32 - Support Relocation of BLM Headquarters to Grand Junction, Colorado
Resolution 2018-33 - Authorize a Change to the Posted Speed Limit on 2700 Road
Resolution 2018-34 - Surplus Property Declaration of Residential Structure & Other Structures to be Disposed of Through Sale
Resolution 2018-35 - Authorize and Approve Purchase of Elections Equipment from Dominion Voting Systems, Inc
Resolution 2018-36 - Service Plan for the North Fork Ambulance Health Service District
Resolution 2018-37 - Approval of the Lanoue Winery and Tasting Room Located on Trout Road.
Resolution 2018-38 - Disposal of Surplus Property-Heavy Fleet Vehicle and Miscellaneous Equipment.
Resolution 2018-39 - Disposal of Surplus Property-Light Fleet Vehicle and Miscellaneous Equipment.
Resolution 2018-40 - Approval of an Intergovernmental Agreement with CDOT for the Blossom Road Bridge Replacement
Resolution 2018-41 - Amendment to MC Zoning Resolution, Sections 4.E.5; 4.F.5; 4.G.5, and 4.H.5
Resolution 2018-42 - Approve designation of MC Fairgrounds Sale Barn as the Jim Flowers Memorial Show Ring
Resolution 2018-43 - Surplus Property Declaration of Parcel of Real Property for Disposal through Sale
Resolution 2018-44 - Authorization to Change Posted Speed Limit on Kiowa Road
Resolution 2018-45 - Authorization to Change Posted Speed Limit on Kiowa Lane
Resolution 2018-46 - Authorization to Post a Speed Limit on Jig Road, Jefferson Road and 6390 Road.
Resolution 2018-47 - Coventry Broadband Tower Special Use Permit Located At 38227 HWY 145
Resolution 2018-48 - Laurie Ware Daycare Special Use Permit Located At 13854 6950 Road.
Resolution 2018-49 - Authorize The Designation of The Montrose County Historic Jail as an Historic Landmark
Resolution 2018-50 - Sue Hansen Appointed Commissioner-District Two-MC Housing Authority
Resolution 2018-51 - Approving Delegation of Fire Management Authority to Greg Fisher, Emergency Manager for MC
Resolution 2018-52 - Adopt a Revised Procurement Policy & Repealing/Replacing all Previous Version & Related Fiscal Rules
Resolution 2018-53 - Adopt a Revised Personnel Policy Manual & Repealing/Replacing all Previous Versions & Related Personnel Policies
Resolution 2018-54 - Cancelation of Uncollected Property Tax
Resolution 2018-55- - Cancelation of Property Tax Liens
Resolution 2018-56 - Grant Application for School Yard Grant From the State Board of Great Outdoors CO Trust Fund.
Resolution 2018-57 - Approval of Placement of Plaque on County's Historic Courthouse (former MC Courthouse)
Resolution 2018-58 - Adoption of Revised Personnel Policy Manual
Resolution 2018-59 - Demolition of Structures located at 61935 LaSalle Rd, Located within LaSalle Gravel Pit 12780 6175 Rd
Resolution 2018-60 - Repeal And Replacement of Resolution # 7-96
Resolution 2018-61 - BOCC Concerning 2019 County Holidays
Resolution 2018-62 - Surplus Property Declaration of Heavy Fleet Vehicle & Miscellaneous Equipment & Conveyance
Resolution 2018-63 - Surplus Property Declaration/Heavy Fleet & Miscellaneous Equipment to be Disposed of Through Advertisement, Trade, Auction or Scrap
Resolution 2018-64 - BOCC Designating the Fetz/Keller Ranch as a MC Historical Landmark
Resolution 2018-65 - BOCC Support of a Grant for Local Parks & Outdoor Recreations from State Board of Great Outdoors CO Trust Fund to Provide Trail Signage for Multiple Recreational Trails in the West End of Montrose & San Miguel Counties
Resolution 2018-66 - Adoption of Snow Removal Policy
Resolution 2018-67 - Maintain Political Neutrality w/ Ballot Measures & Campaigns
Resolution 2018-68 - Rezone, Tract 1 Alpine Lumber No.2 Exemption, Section 12,T49N, R10W, From General Agricultural to General Commercial
Resolution 2018-69 - Adoption of Policy Concerning Destruction, Disposal & Protection of Personal Identifying Information
Resolution 2018-70 - Exhibit B-CDOT Aeronautics Division
Resolution 2018-71 - Supplemental Appropriation to the Budget for Fiscal Year Ending December 31, 2018
Resolution 2018-72 - 2019 Budget Adoption and Appropriation
Resolution 2018-73 - Mill Levies & Levying Property Taxes For The Levy Year 2018/Budget Year 2019
Resolution 2018-74 - Dedication of Road ROW Plat for Portion of Bostwick Park Road