County Management

Montrose County is citizen driven through our Strategic Plan.

Our strategic plan originated from the input of Montrose County citizen focus groups. These focus groups identified and prioritized the activities Montrose County citizens desired the County undertake on their behalf.

Every year our annual budget originates from those activities and expenses necessary to achieve the strategic plan. As we execute the strategic plan during the following year, the budget supports those activities and expenses.

The five citizen-based priorities are:

  • Priority 1: Managed growth and economic development of Montrose County;
  • Priority 2: Improve and maintain a safe transportation system;
  • Priority 3: Provide for the public safety;
  • Priority 4: Effective and responsive government; and
  • Priority 5: Increase citizen engagement and represent local interests.

Each administrative department and elected office has created individual strategic business plans, which align with the county-wide strategic results. The measurable goals of each plan focus the efforts of county operations on the citizens’ priorities and concerns in conjunction with the county’s statutory responsibilities.

We are fortunate to have a citizen-based strategic plan to guide the activities of Montrose County. We will update the strategic plan periodically, so we will always have a current road map of the wishes and needs of the citizens of Montrose County.