Flu Vaccination Clinic

Don't forget to protect yourself and your loved ones this flu season. Join us at tomorrow's free Flu Shot Clinic! Below are frequently asked questions: 

❓What time is the flu clinic? 
3pm - 7pm 

❓What are the flu clinic locations? 
Montrose County Event Center, Olathe Corn Park, and Basic Clinic (West End) 

❓How much does a flu shot cost? 
It's free! 

❓Do you have high dose vaccines? 
We have a limited number of high dose vaccines available at each location first-come first-served. 

❓Do I need insurance? 

❓What are the age requirements? 6 months and up 

❓At the Event Center, do I have to be in my car to get a flu shot? 
No, you can park your car and walk into the front entrance of the Event Center to get your flu shot.

Montrose Flu Clinic

What is the flu vaccination clinic like?