Government Affairs & Natural Resources

The Montrose County Government Affairs and Natural Resources Department is responsible for the coordination and administration of the following activities:

Public Lands

Montrose County is approximately 70% public lands. Federal management actions affecting these lands have significant local impacts. The Government Affairs Department monitors and participates in public lands processes to assure that local interests are considered in federal decisions. Government Affairs serves as a designated point of contact for public lands agencies (BLM, USFS, NPS, etc.) in various interactions with the County.

Economic Development

The Government Affairs Department coordinates the economic development activities of the county. These activities include administration of tax credit and business assistance agreements, advocating for industry and administration of economic development plans and policies.

Regulatory Efficiency

Montrose County is committed to maintaining an efficient and minimally intrusive regulatory environment. The Government Affairs Department assists staff and officials in the drafting, review and revision of policies, codes and ordinances.

Legislative Affairs

Working with elected officials at the state and federal level is an essential and time consuming duty of the Board of County Commissioners. The Government Affairs Department assists the Board of County Commissioners in evaluating and responding to legislative matters.

Intergovernmental Coordination

Montrose County is one of many public agencies which serve the citizens of the County. In the pursuit of public service, the County frequently coordinates with neighboring jurisdictions and districts. The Government Affairs Department frequently serves as the County’s liaison to other public organizations and assists in the administration of intergovernmental agreements, projects and similar activities.

Ecological Services

In order to address local economic and ecological interests, Montrose County implements on-the-ground projects benefiting landscape health, resilience, adaptability and productivity. Work conducted includes noxious and invasive weed mitigation, reseeding/reclamation as well as rangeland and habitat improvements. Implementation of landscape-level projects helps ensure natural resource objectives are addressed across jurisdictional boundaries and supports Montrose County's participation in public lands processes.


Jon Waschbusch serves as the County Manager for Montrose County as well the Director of the Government Affairs and Natural Resources Division. Jon's direct supervisory responsibilities include Public Health, Planning & Development, IT, Veterans' Services, Ecological Services, & GIS. In addition to his supervisory responsibilities, Mr. Waschbusch provides executive leadership assistance to the County Manager and Board of County Commissioners. Areas of emphasis include strategic initiatives, project management, long range planning and operational efficiency. Jon was the project lead for the creation of the Rimrocker Trail from Montrose to Moab, Utah.

Mr. Waschbusch holds a bachelor’s degree in public planning from Northern Arizona University and a Master’s of Public Administration (MPA) from the University of Colorado Denver. Jon has also earned an A.I.C.P. certification through the American Planning Association. Mr. Waschbusch has been a part of the Montrose County organization since 2005 and has served in various leadership roles during that time. Outside of county work, Jon has served on numerous boards, including as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the NuVista Federal Credit Union.