Montrose County Housing Authority

Montrose County Housing Authority

Established Pursuant to Article 20, Title 30 Part 8 of the C.R.S. and Resolution 5-80 dated February 11, 1980
Representing Appointed Term Expiration
Susan Barrientos, Executive Director 2015 Non-expiration
Michael Hoffman, District 3, West End (Peak)
Virgil Turner, District 1, Montrose (Morales) 11/18/2020
Ann Morgenthaler (Turner) 05/06/2020 01/01/2025
Penny Harris, District 2, Olathe (Wicburg)
Sue Hansen, County Commissioner Rep 07/24/2018
The Montrose County Housing Authority shall manage and operate projects to fix rentals or payments for dwelling accommodations at low rates consistent with providing adequate dwelling accommodations for persons of low income.  Per C.R.S. 29-4-505, a housing authority shall constitute a public body, corporate and politic, exercise public and essential governmental functions, and have all the powers necessary and convenient to carry out and effectuate the purposes of the authority.  The Housing Authority reviews recommendations and information concerning the business affairs and policies of the Authority.

Each member of the Montrose County Housing Authority is appointed to serve a five year term.  Terms for the Housing Authority are staggered.

The Housing Authority meets at the Housing Authority Administrative Office, 222 Hap Court, Olathe, CO 81425.  Meeting dates and times are determined in advance and posted accordingly.

The regular monthly business meeting of the Board is held the fourth Wednesday of each month at 3:00 p.m.