Non-Emergent Medical Travel Reimbursement

Non-Emergent Medical Travel Reimbursement (Medicaid Travel Reimbursement)


Monday through Friday
 8 AM–5 PM MT

To Schedule a Ride:

Please call Montrose County Human Services at (970) 252-5000
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Non-Emergent Medical Travel Reimbursement is a program which allows for reimbursement of client mileage, lodging, and meals for travel related expenses.

  • Mileage reimbursement must be for transportation to the nearest qualified Medicaid provider. A client must fill out a Non-Emergent Medical Travel Reimbursement application which requires information about the patient, driver/owner of vehicle, mileage, signature of applicant or guardian, and signature of Medicaid provider.
  • Two forms of verification of the medical visit must be provided by the user. The first must be the medical provider's signature on the application and the second can be a discharge order, a super bill, or a note on the provider's letterhead stationary or prescription pad. The second form of verification must also have the provider’s signature.

If a client is planning on staying overnight and wants reimbursement for lodging and meals the client must contact the county for a prior authorization of the trip being considered. This takes a little time to process.

Clients should contact the county at least two weeks prior to the trip in order to process the Medicaid Prior Authorization Request (PAR) with the State. The state will require the dates of trips, how many nights of lodging the trip will involve and how many meals will be needed for the recipient and any escort. A description of what the visit is for and why an escort is needed will also be requested.

Once the Medicaid Prior Authorization Request has been submitted to the State, the State will send an approved or denied PAR. Montrose County does not reimburse unless there is a completed application with the required signatures and statement from medical provider. If the client is applying for mileage, lodging, and meal reimbursement, we will require an approved PAR, a statement from the medical provider, and receipts for all lodging and meals.

Medicaid Transportation (Local Transport)

Medicaid will pay for transportation services for clients who qualify for Medicaid. The client must be transported to a Medicaid provider, and the client must have no other means of transportation. Clients must call to have their trips authorized. Clients will arrange for their own travel through All Points Transit in Montrose. Advanced approvals can be issued, for example, if someone is going to rehab, mental health, or dialysis multiple times a week. The State authorizes the county to approve these trips in advance for up to 3 months at a time. By approving multiple trips in advance, the need for excessive communication between the client and the county is reduced. Once a client’s status on Medicaid is determined and a Medicaid provider is selected, the process is really very simple. Approval forms are e-mailed or faxed by the county to the agencies which provide transportation services.

Colorado Medicaid Non-Emergent Medical Transportation (NEMT)
What is NEMT? The NEMT program is a resource for Medicaid clients that have no other means
of transportation to get to and/or from their Medicaid appointments.
What type of transportation is covered?

  • Mobility vehicle
  • Wheelchair vans
  • Ambulance
  • Taxi
  • Stretcher van
  • Train
  • Airplane
  • Bus
  • Private vehicle
  • Meals and hotel or motel lodging for Medicaid trips that cannot be completed within one day.
The mode of transportation is determined by the client’s physician. Prior approval must be obtained from the county or First Transit for all NEMT services.

Who is eligible for NEMT services? Most Medicaid clients with the exception of those clients enrolled in the following programs with limited benefits: QMB, SLMB, QI-1 and OAP state only.

How do I access NEMT? Please call Montrose County Human Services at (970) 252-5000.

What is not covered?
  • Transportation for non Medicaid clients
  • Transportation to appointments that are not paid for by Medicaid.
  • Transportation to pick up prescriptions except for clients residing in counties that are officially designated as rural areas.
  • Transportation for convenience.
What if I have other Medicaid or CHP + questions? If you have children or are pregnant and have other Medicaid questions, please call your local Family Health Coordinator (FHC). To locate your FHC or if you have any other Medicaid questions, including adult Medicaid questions (age 21 and over) please visit or call 1-800-221-3943 in the Denver Metro area or Toll Free at 1-800-221-3943. TDD is also available at 1-800-659-2656