Single Entry Point

Home & Community Based Services


Either be in a nursing home or currently need this level of care

Apply and be approved for Medicaid under Colorado statutes.

Cost Effectiveness:
Services must be delivered at a cost equal to or less than nursing home cost

Who can make a referral for the waiver programs?

Your physician’s office, your Medicaid eligibility technician, your mental health worker, community options, a friend, family member, or you. Basically, anyone may call our intake line and make a referral on your behalf.

What to Expect

When you first contact Montrose County Adult Services an intake coordinator will either refer you for a face-to-face assessment with a case manager or refer you to other community resources that may better meet your needs. If you are referred for an assessment, the case manager will come to your residence. Among other areas that he / she will discuss with you are your ability to perform daily living activities, your physical and emotional health and any services you are currently receiving. The case manager will send a request to your physician for your diagnosis and medications.

The case manager will base his / her recommendation for long term care based on the information provided and your physicians input. If approved, the Case Manager will verify Medicaid approval.

Remember, you are responsible for applying for Medicaid!


Once you are approved for Long Term Care Services you and your case manager will discuss a plan of care to provide you with the services you require to keep you safely living in the community. Your case manager will continue to monitor your services and your safety in the community and make suggestions and adjustments to your plan of care accordingly.