Adult Protective Services


The purpose of the Adult Protective Services (APS) program is to protect adults who cannot protect themselves. These adults are known as “at-risk adults.” They are considered to be at risk of mistreatment or self-neglect because:
  • They are unable to protect themselves
  • They are unable to perform or arrange for services that will help them protect their health and safety
  • They lack sufficient understanding or lack the capacity to make or communicate decisions that keep them safe and health

APS Services

Adult Protective Services (APS) are provided by County Departments of Social (Human) Services. County APS Staff will:
  • Receive and investigate reports of mistreatment and self-neglect of at-risk adults.
  • Provide protective services to at-risk adults, such as:
    casework services, referral to community service providers, arrangement of appropriate services, and assistance with applications for public benefits.
  • Preserve APS priorities, which are:
    • Self Determination: An at risk adult may refuse adult protective services.
    • Least Restrictive Intervention: An at-risk adult may expect that interventions will be provided in a manner that will cause minimal disruption to his/her life.
    • Confidentiality: The provision of services and interventions are kept confidential unless a court orders the release of records.
  • Work with other community agencies in preventing mistreatment and self-neglect of at-risk adults.
  • Increase public awareness of at-risk adult mistreatment and self-neglect through community outreach programs.