Nurse Family Partnership Program (NFP)

The Nurse Family Partnership Program (NFP) is a national program that serves first time pregnant women until their first child(ren) reach age two. NFP is an evidenced-based program which provides registered nurse home visitation on an established schedule. These visits follow guidelines and address multiple areas including life skills and education, parenting, health, safety, resources and relationships.

The Nurse Family Partnership Program serves Montrose County and surrounding areas, Gunnison, Delta, Ouray, and San Miguel counties. 

For information about the program in Montrose County contact 252-5056 and ask for one of the Nurse Family Partnership nurses.

The following web sites will provide you with additional information about the NFP Program in general: Nurse Family Partnership and NFP fact sheet.

In the News:

KKCO 11 News Posted 5/17/2010

staff photo of the Nurse Family Partnership team