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Mission Statement

"The mission of Colorado State University Extension is to provide information and education, and encourage the application of research-based knowledge in response to local, state and national issues affecting individuals, youth, families, agricultural enterprises, and communities of Colorado."


Montrose County Extension Service is located in Friendship Hall at the Fairgrounds in Montrose. Montrose County Extension also serves Ouray County. Montrose is home to 39,527 neighbors in over 2,200 square miles in the Uncompaghre River and Paradox Valleys. In addition to being the Agricultural hub of the western slope, Montrose is home to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, as well as the Gunnison Gorge National Recreation and Wilderness Areas. The majority of our County is made up of National Forest, Bureau of Land Management or National Park lands. Our main cities include Montrose, Maher, Naturita, Nucla, Olathe and Paradox.

Your CSU Montrose County Extension office provides:

  • Small Acreage agent - help and evaluations for small acreage landowners
    • Pasture establishment and management
    • Weed control
    • Irrigation efficiency
    • Farm consultation visits for a flat fee
      • Recent programs and workshops include:
      • Building Farmers' Program
      • Hops Program
      • Moveable Hoophouses
      • Sustainable Ag Tour
      • Small acreage Symposium
  • Master Gardener on-site - yard and garden help
    • Problems with lawns, trees, plants - call or bring a bagged sample to the Extension office for help
    • Weed ID
    • Research-based fact sheets and publications available
    • Team of Master Gardeners meet weekly during the growing season to review and diagnose the samples
    • House calls are available for $25.00 an hour; homeowners are provided with expertise and advise from Master Gardeners and provide fact sheets and publications
    • Apprentice Master Gardener program
  • Insect problems and information on dealing with pests
    • Bring in your insect in a jar for identification
    • Information on spraying and alternatives to spraying insecticides
  • Rose and Orchard pruning workshops
  • Soil salt testing - soil test kits available for pick-up and consumer sends to lab for testing
  • Seedling tree program in cooperation with the Colorado State Forest Service Nursery held from November - April
  • Area Horticulturist for commercial horticulture visits for a flat fee
  • Family and Consumer Science
    • Workshops on food safety and food preservation
    • Hands-on Canning classes
    • Nutrition and Health Classes

USDA Commercial Pesticide books available for purchase Insect and Weed ID books, food preservation books are available for purchase

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