Nucla/Naturita Cemetery District

Established Pursuant to Article 20, Title 30 Part 8 of the C.R.S. and Resolution #6-61 dated May 1, 1961
Name Appointed Term Expiration
Tamara Magallon
Nancy Booth

The Board of Directors for the Nucla/Naturita Cemetery District is responsible for formulating the policies and standard operating procedures to be followed by the District. The District shall have the following powers:

  • To acquire, hold, and convey real and personal property for cemetery purposes within the district;
  • To sue and be sued in its corporate name;
  • To receive, acquire and hold donations as bequests of real or person property;
  • To sell burial plots in the cemetery property acquired by said district;
  • To draw warrants on the County Treasurer for cemetery purposes;
  • To determine annually the amount of tax, not to exceed one mil, to be levied upon the taxable property by the district; to acquire care for and to maintain such Cemetery for the ensuing year and to certify the same to the Board of County commissioners;
  • To employ a sexton and other who shall have the duty to enforce the rules and regulations hereinafter set forth.
Each member is appointed for six (6) year staggered terms, with terms expiring at two-year intervals. Vacancies within the Board of Directors shall be filled by the Board of County Commissioners.

Regular meetings of the Board shall be held at the Nucla Town Hall and set on an as-needed basis and noticed accordingly. Correspondence may be sent to the following address;

  • Nucla/Naturita Cemetery District Board, P.O. Box 561, Nucla, CO 8142