Olathe Cemetery District

Olathe Cemetery District Board of Directors

Established Pursuant to Article 20, Title 30 Part 8 of the C.R.S. and Resolution dated October 20, 1947

Name Appointed Term Expiration
Sheila Miller 12/31/2016 12/31/2028
Bruce Ray (Jiron) 09/07/2010 12/31/2024
Donna Hubbard  (Davis) 12/20/2017

The Board of Directors for the Olathe Cemetery District is responsible for formulating the policies and standard operating procedures to be followed by the District. The Board shall fix the price of all burial lots offered for sale in the Olathe Cemetery, and shall have the power to change the prices thereof from time to time as shall seen expedient. The Board has the authority to prescribe the size of each burial lot and the general conditions under which the said burial lots may be utilized.

The Board of Directors shall be appointed in accordance with C.R.S. 36-16-et Seq. Each member is appointed for six year staggered terms.

The Board shall convene for regular meetings once a quarter, to be determined by the Board as to the day and time and posted accordingly.

For more information and current contact information, please visit the Olathe Cemetery website.