Airport Advisory Board

Established by Action of the Board of County Commissioners on June 6, 1994
Name Appointed Term Expiration
Bruce Ray   (Glaspell) 12/21/2009 01/01/2024
Pat Blackwelder (Carey) 12/20/2017
Raymon Ayer (T Busker)
Matthew Skinner   (Stewart) 02/06/2019 12/31/2021
John Reams 02/06/2019 12/31/2021
Judy Ann Files
Anthony Russo (Glaspell)
07/21/2021 12/31/2023
Mike Nelson  (Oberto) 12/31/2016 12/31/2022
Lynn French 12/31/2016 12/31/2022
Katy Ella Brink 02/06/2019 02/06/2022
Tim Heavers
03/18/2020 12/31/2023
The Airport Advisory Board (AAB) is comprised of up to nine members serving at the will of the Montrose Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) for the purpose of advising the BOCC on all of the following:

  • Airport marketing and public relations programs;
  • Long range land use and facility planning;
  • Airport development projects and their assignments as presented by the BOCC for the benefit of the public and those affected by decisions made at the BOCC level; and
  • Airport Rules and Regulations.
This board advises and assists the Director of Aviation on issues that will further interregional representation and cooperation necessary to enhance the airport’s level of service to the public. Members are chosen on their willingness to be active participants and to assist the airport in committee-related tasks. The AAB shall also serve as the focal point for all other committees, councils, or organizations in their efforts to enhance the image and utilization of the Montrose Regional Airport and Nucla Hopkins Field.
Terms are for three (3) years and members are eligible for reappointment after their first term.