Annual Reports

The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) shall annually review completed projects and receive input in regard to proposed future projects. The BOCC shall make a report to the public regarding the use of the revenue from the preceding year collected under the Sales and Use Tax and shall conduct a public hearing to present its findings.

Management Reports

Sales Tax Resolution No. 110-2007

Sales Tax Resolution No. 110-2007 - dated September 4, 2007

VII-D. Accountability. In order to illustrate to the public that the Sales and Use Tax Revenues are spent in a responsible manner the Road & Bridge Supervisor, appointed pursuant to Section 43-2-111, C.R.S., shall utilize the following mechanisms to communicate the use of Road & Bridge funds. The reports listed below will be available for review in hard copy format at the County Public Work's office, and will be posted on the County website to the extent practicable.

Monthly Activity Summary Report

This report is prepared to show how Road & Bridge utilizes resources each month. It is a summary of 38 activities derived from the work order system and breaks down dollars entered into work orders for labor, equipment, materials, and outside service/materials each month. It shows total for each month and year to date. This report is not intended to reflect audited financial outlays.

Annual Summary of Work on Roads Report

This report reflects all work that was performed during the year by Road & Bridge as captured in the work order system. The report is sorted by road, zone, activity and work order numbers so the reader can easily see what was done on a road and the costs associated with the work.

Road Rating Report

The County Public Works Office maintains road ratings of paved roads. Each paved road is rated "A" through "F" with "A" indicating a road in excellent condition and "F" indicating a road in very poor condition.