7th Judicial District Community Corrections Board

The Board will serve the interest of the community and community corrections programs in the Seventh Judicial District, operate as a functional board under the authority of the County Boards of Commissioners of the six counties of the 7th Judicial District and establish standards, policies, and procedures for all community corrections programs and facilities.

Mission Statement

To provide oversight and accountability for delivery of services to offenders as an alternative to incarceration by addressing public safety, supporting the provision of community based assistance and services necessary for offenders, and promoting opportunities for positive behavioral change for offenders in order to achieve a decrease in criminal behavior and recidivism. 

About the Board

The 7th Judicial District Community Corrections Board was formed in 1986 by Joint Resolution 36-85 of the six boards of county commissioners.

Authority for the establishment of a Community Corrections Board is provided for by Colorado Revised Statute (CRS) 17-27-103. This statute provides that the local corrections board has the power to oversee community corrections in that district and to accept or reject an offender for placement in any facility located within that jurisdiction. A decision to reject an offender cannot be overridden by any order of the court.


Read the Bylaws of the Seventh Judicial District Community Corrections Board.