2023 BOCC Resolutions

Resolution 01-2023 Delegating Authority to METSA to Set the Rate of Charge Imposed on Service User

Resolution 02-2023 Extending Professional Services Agreement with KLJ Engineering for On-Call Services

Resolution 03-2023 Annual Appointments and Organizational Resolution

Resolution 04-2023 Additions and Deletions of Roads to the County Road Maintenance System

Resolution 05-2023 Closure of 5900 Road Between Banner Road and Amber Road

Resolution 06-2023 County Maintenance Responsibility of Fawn Lane

Resolution 07-2023 Extension of Professional Services with Stolfus & Associates

Resolution 08-2023 Extension of Construction Services Agreement

Resolution 09-2023 County Treasurer to Deposit and Invest Public Funds

Resolution 10-2023 Agriculture in the Beer Industry and Beyond! Special Use Permit

Resolution 11-2023 Farm Road Source Grave Pit Special Use Permit

Resolution 12-2023 Rezone 25.52 Acres to General Agricultural

Resolution 13-2023 Surplus Property Consisting of Light and Heavy Fleet Vehicles

Resolution 14-2023 Moratorium on Acceptance of New Applications for Power Generation, Campground, and RV Park Uses in Montrose County

Resolution 15-2023 Authorizing Recovery of Expenses for Pursuit and Capture of Prisoners Outside of Montrose County

Resolution 16-2023 Adoption of the 2022 Official County Road Map

Resolution 17-2023 County Maintenance Responsibility of V66 Road

Resolution 18-2023 Supplemental Appropriation to the Budget for Fiscal Year Ending December 31, 2023

Resolution 19-2023 Colorado Division of Aeronautics Aviation Grant Resolution

Resolution 20-2023 Authorizing the Closure of Carnation Road between 6000 Road and 6125 Road

Resolution 21-2023 Extension of Professional Services Agreement with Buckhorn Engineering

Resolution 22-2023 Grant Agreement FY 2022 Safe Streets and Roads for All Grant

Resolution 23-2023 Uncompahgre Valley Special Use Permit for a Telecommunication Facility on IDA Road

Resolution 24-2023 Support for Advance Colorado Challenge to Senate Bill 23-303 Proposition HH

Resolution 25-2023 Amend the Montrose County School Fees-In-Lieu of Land Dedication Calculation

Resolution 26-2023 Authorizing the Sale of Surplus Property Consisting of Light and Heavy Fleet

Resolution 27-2023 Authorizing the Imposition of Fees Associated with Productions Pursuant to the Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act

Resolution 28-2023 Amending Currently Effective International Building Code

Resolution 29-2023 Change to the Posted Speed Limit on Popular Road

Resolution 30-2023 Approving the use of Electronic Communication for Meetings of the Board of County Commissioners

Resolution 31-2023 Allocating Revenue Received Pursuant to Colorado Revised Statutes and the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self Determination Act

Resolution 32-2023 Authorizing Assignment to the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority of Private Bond Allocation

Resolution 33-2023 Concerning 2024 County Holidays

Resolution 34-2023 Gard Minor Waiver Request

Resolution 35-2023 Authorizing the Use of Eminent Domain to Acquire a Temporary Construction Easement and Permanent Maintenance Easement for the Replacement of the Loutsenhizer Arroyo Culvert on 5900 Road

Resolution 36-2023 Authorizing the Donation of Surplus Property

Resolution 37-2023 Authorizing Extending the Closure of 5900 Road

Resolution 38-2023 Authorizing Sheriff to Implement Fire Restrictions within Unincorporated Montrose County

Resolution 39-2023 Revised Montrose County Planning Commission By-Laws

Resolution 40-2023 First Reading of Ordinance Repealing and Amending and Reenacting the Rules and Regulations Governing the Control of Rubbish and Junk

Resolution 41-2023 Resolution with the County's Intention to Commit to Proposition 123

Resolution 42-2023 Canceling Uncollected Property Tax

Resolution 43-2023 Updating Montrose County Fair Board Bylaws

Resolution 44-2023 Rezone 3.28 Acres from General Agriculture to General Business

Resolution 45-2023 Cimarron Dog Training LLC Special Use Permit Located at 8237 5700 Road

Resolution 46-2023 Speed Limit on Gunnison Road

Resolution 47-2023 Surplus Property Real Property and Building Improvements to West End Family Link

Resolution 48-2023 North Highway Access Control Plan IGA with CDOT

Resolution 49-2023 Waypoint West RV Park Special Use Permit

Resolution 50-2023 County Maintenance Responsibility of new segment of Popular Road and Renaming

Resolution 51-2023 County Maintenance Responsibility of Flintlock Lane

Resolution 52-2023 Application Fees for Construction of Hangars at Montrose Regional Airport

Resolution 53-2023 Murray Waiver Request

Resolution 54-2023 Posting Speed Limit on V66 Road

Resolution 55-2023 Changing Posted Speed Limit on Pahgre Road

Resolution 56-2023 Sale of Surplus Property Consisting of Fleet Parts

Resolution 57-2023 Posting Speed Limit on 5880 Road

Resolution 58-2023 Vernal, 550 Rezone to Rezone 6 Acres from General Agricultural to General Commercial

Resolution 59-2023 Amending the Montrose County Zoning Resolution

Resolution 60-2023 Extension of Professional Service Agreement Landfill Post Closure Monitoring Services

Resolution 61-2023 Closure of Kinikin Road Between R71 and Q72 Road to Through Traffic

Resolution 62-2023 2024 Budget Adoption and Appropriation