2022 BOCC Resolutions

Resolution 01-2022 Annual Appointments and Organizational

Resolution 02-2022 County Treasurer to Deposit and Invest Public Funds

Resolution 02B-2022 Colorado Statewide Investment Pool

Resolution 03-2022 Colorado Dissolving Montrose County Bldg Authority

Resolution 04-2022 Add. & Deletions of Roads to Cty Maintenance System

Resolution 05-2022 Olathe Producers Coop Building Historical Landmark

Resolution 06-2022 Adjust Precinct Boundaries by County Clerk & Recorder

Resolution 07-2022 Gather Campground RV Park Special Use Permit (SUP)

Resolution 08-2022 Corona Virus Recovery Fund American Rescue Plan Act

Resolution 09-2022 Reimbursed Expenses for Airport Facility Improvements

Resolution 10-2022 Redistrict Cty Commissioners Districts 2020 US Census

Resolution 11-2022 Composition of Housing Authority Board

Resolution 12-2022 Delegate METSA Auth. to Set Rate Chg Service Users

Resolution 13-2022 Change Posted Speed Limit on Rose & Riverside Road

Resolution 14-2022 Change Posted Speed Limit on 5425 Road

Resolution 15-2022 Establish Right to Farm and Ranch Policy

Resolution 16-2022 Sale of Hangar 27696 DD Road, Hopkins Field Airport

Resolution 17-2022 Change Posted Speed Limit on Fruit Park Road

Resolution 18-2022 Authorizing Posting Speed Limit on 6030 Road

Resolution 19-2022 Authorizing Posting Speed Limit on 6050 Road

Resolution 20-2022 Authorizing Posting Speed Limit on 6275 Road

Resolution 21-2022 Transfer of Hangar Ground Lease at 1530 Airport Rd.

Resolution 22-2022 Authorizing Posting Speed Limit on 6125 Road

Resolution 23-2022 Change Posted Speed Limit on Niagara Road

Resolution 24-2022 Maintenance Responsibility of Orange Rd. Extension

Resolution 25-2022 Renaming Portion Mancos Lane to Mancos Court

Resolution 26-2022 Sale of Surplus Property of Vehicles to Be Disposed

Resolution 27-2022 Transfer of Hangar Ground Lease at 1536 Airport Road

Resolution 28-2022 Maintenance of Mancos Court Road Extension

Resolution 29-2022 Redvale Tower Special Use Permit 35355 II10 Road

Resolution 30-2022 Lease Purchase Agreement Construction Capital Project

Resolution 31-2022 Adopting Revised Regulations Ambulance Services

Resolution 32-2022 Repealing Ordinance/Amend Governing Animal Control

Resolution 33-2022 Ratify Unified Fleet Services Agreement Sheriff Office

Resolution 34-2022 Adoption of 3rd Amend for Vacation of Public Roadways

Resolution 35-2022 Revenue CO Statues Rural Schools & Self Determine Act

Resolution 36-2022 Rezone 54.6 Acre from Gen Bus to Gen Resid. Vernal Rd

Resolution 37-2022 Rezone 278.1 Acre from Gen Resid to Gen Agr Falcon Rd

Resolution 38-2022 Rezone 366 Acres from Gen Reside. to Gen Agr Falcon Rd

Resolution 39-2022 Rezone 81.3 Acres from Gen Resid. to Gen Agr Falcon Rd

Resolution 40-2022 Decline Participation of FAMLI Program

Resolution 41-2022 Transferring Real & Personal Property to MMH

Resolution 42-2022 Closure of 6075 Road to Through Traffic the Hill Slope

Resolution 43-2022 Authorizing Sheriff to Implement Fire Restrictions

Resolution 44-2022 Rezone 9.21 Acres from Gen Ag to Man. Home Prk Residential

Resolution 45-2022 Amending the Montrose County Zoning Regulations

Resolution 46-2022 Accepting Resign. & Appointing County Coroner to Fill Vacancy

Resolution 47-2022 Authorizing Change Posted Speed Limit on 6390 Road

Resolution 48-2022 Revisions to Personnel Policy Manual 

Resolution 49-2022 San Juan Huts Special Use Permit 7275 U Road, Paradox, CO

Resolution 50-2022 Rezone 160 Acres from Light Industrial to General Agriculture

Resolution 51-2022 Rezone 120.386 Acres from Light Industrial to General Ag

Resolution 52-2022 Repeal/Amend Prohibit Act. Lease Shavano Gateway Rec. Area

Resolution 53-2022 Repeal/Amend Regulation Mining Act along San Miguel River

Resolution 54-2022 Supple. Appropriation to Budget Fiscal Year Ending 12/31/2022

Resolution 55-2022 Authorizing a Change to Posted Speed Limit on 25 Mesa Road

Resolution 56-2022 Authorizing Closure of Oak Grove Between 6300 & Hwy 90

Resolution 57-2022 Authorizing Posted Speed Limit on Blossom Rd to 45 mph

Resolution 58-2022-2023 County Holidays

Resolution 59-2022 Hanger Lease Declined to Exercise Right of First Refusal

Resolution 60-2022 Canceling Uncollected Property Tax

Resolution 61-2022 Colo Housing & Finance Authority Activity Bond Allocation

Resolution 62-2022 Reenacting Rules & Regs Governing Ban of Fires & Fireworks

Resolution 63-2022 Accepting a Grant for the Airport from the State of Colorado

Resolution 64-2022 Supporting a Grant Application to CPW for Shavano Gateway Recreation Area

Resolution 65-2022 Surplus property to be given to the Pic Place

Resolution 66-2022 Adopting Amended Montrose County Subdivision Regulations

Resolution 67-2022 Weimer Ranches #4 Mine Special Use Permit

Resolution 68-2022 Riverside Special Use Permit

Resolution 69-2022 Personnel Policy Manual Revisions

Resolution 70-2022 Revised Montrose County Standards & Specifications for Roads & Bridges

Resolution 71-2022 Moratorium on Applications for Power Generation Facilities

Resolution 72-2022 Hidden Lake MHP Special Use Permit

Resolution 73-2022 Rezone 40 Acres from Agricultural (A) to Industrial (I)

Resolution 74-2022 Authorizing Posting A Speed Limit on Oak Grove Road

Resolution 75-2022 Authorizing Sale of Hangar Located at 1900 Airport Road

Resolution 76-2022 Rezone from General Agriculture to Commercial

Resolution 77-2022 Transfer of Surplus Property to Basin Clinic

Resolution 78-2022 Posting of Speed Limit on Peach Valley Road

Resolution 79-2022 Extension of Professional Services

Resolution 80-2022 Posting of Speed Limit on Fox Hill Road

Resolution 81-2022 Regarding 2nd Supplemental Appropriation to the Budget for 2022

Resolution 82-2022 Regarding 2023 Budget Adoption and Appropriation

Resolution 83-2022 Establishment of Mill Levies and Levying Property Taxes for Budget Year 2023

Resolution 84-2022 County Maintenance Responsibility of Ute Valley Drive

Resolution 85-2022 Extension of Professional Services Agreement with Buckhorn Engineering

Resolution 86-2022 Extension of Professional Services Agreement with Del-Mont Consulting

Resolution 87-2022 Extension of Professional Services Agreement with SGM

Resolution 88-2022 Extension of Professional Services Agreement with Yeh & Associates

Resolution 89-2022 Regulations Concerning Secured Transport Services in Montrose County