Montrose County Sales & Use Tax

General Sales Tax Information

Description: Rates:
County Sales Tax 1.00%
Public Safety Improvement Sales Tax 0.75%
Use Tax  
The voters of Montrose County passed a 1% county sales / use tax plus a .75% Public Safety Improvement (PSI) county-wide sales tax in the November 2007 elections. This is a total county tax of 1.75%. Certain items are optional exemptions and are subject to the county tax only by the expressed inclusion of the exemption in County resolution 109-2007 and 110-2007. They are not automatically the same as the state’s exemptions. These items are identified in 29-2-105(1)(d) of the Colorado Revised Statutes as amended.

The following are incorporated municipalities within Montrose County which adhere to additional and/or different sales tax requirements:
Municipalities Phone Number
City of Montrose 970-240-1465
Town of Naturita 970-865-2286
Town of Nucla 970-864-7351
Town of Olathe  

General Use Tax Information

Montrose County has a 1.0% use tax on motor vehicles and building materials. For specific information regarding the application of sales or use tax on motor vehicle purchases, please contact the Montrose County Motor Vehicle Department at (970) 249-3362 or the Colorado Department of Revenue at Colorado Official State Web Portal, or 303-238-7378.

For information regarding the application of use tax on construction and building materials, please contact the Montrose County Planning and Development Department at 970-249-6688.

Sales & Use Tax

What is the difference between the sales tax and the use tax?

A sales tax is a tax levied on the sale of goods and services that is usually calculated as a percentage of the purchase price and collected by the seller. In order to apply a sales tax, there must be a point of sale.

A use tax is a tax applied to construction materials for the cost associated with building within the county or on a motor vehicle registered within Montrose County yet purchased outside the Montrose County boundaries. The use tax only applies if a sales tax was not collected on a retail purchase; or if collected in another jurisdiction, town, etc, the difference between that which was paid at the time of purchase and that which is paid at the time of use.

Will I need to pay both the sales and the use taxes?

The 1% county sales and use tax is only applied either to the use (construction) of goods, or to the sale of materials required for construction — not both!

If the use tax is paid at the time a building permit is issued, then the permit holder is exempt from the 1.0% sales tax because the 1.0% use tax has already been paid to the county. Other taxes (ie - city, state, PSI) shall apply if applicable to the purchase of materials.

A Building permit must be presented at the time of purchases within the county in order to be exempt from the 1.0% sales tax on construction materials only. The .75% Public Safety Sales Tax applies to all purchases.

The 1.0% county sales and use tax applies to the purchase of motor vehicles. Motor vehicles purchased within Montrose County are subject to the 1.0% county sales tax; motor vehicles purchased outside Montrose County are subject to the 1.0% county use tax. The purchaser will pay either the sales or use tax — not both!

Sales and Use Tax Year-to-date Revenue Collection Data

2019 Sales & Use Tax
2018 Sales & Use Tax
2017 Sales & Use Tax
2016 Sales & Use Tax
2015 Sales & Use Tax
2014 Sales & Use Tax
2013 Year Ending

Please note: Sales tax revenue for specific businesses or vendors is not public information. Montrose County staff cannot provide confidential detailed information regarding which businesses are or are not reporting or amounts remitted by specific entities.

Colorado Department of Revenue Helpful Links

DR 1002: Colorado Sales/Use Tax Rates

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Consumer Use Tax General 10 (DOR)

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Information for Guides and Outfitters

More Information

Montrose County sales taxes are administered by the State Department of Revenue. For more information regarding collection guidelines, licensure, reporting and compliance, please contact the State of Colorado:

State of Colorado Department of Revenue
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