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To enable Medicaid recipients who are pregnant or under age 21 to obtain periodic physical examination and other health care benefits in order to prevent, detect, or treat health care problems early.

Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT)

Medicaid Outreach Services for Children and Pregnant Women. Your Montrose County EPSDT worker is Carol Unruh (970-323-5462), she is available to answer questions and or refer you to community agencies that may be able to assist you.

Services Provided

  • Outreach, case management and referrals
  • Health Information
  • Benefit Information
  • Client Advocacy
  • Assistance in making appointments and in complying with medical regimens

What does EPSDT Screening Include?

  • A "head to toe" physical examination
  • A history of your child's growth, eating and illness patterns
  • A look at how your child is growing and developing
  • A look at all your child can do
  • A look at how your child plays and acts with others
  • Identifications of all diagnoses(medical conditions)
  • Immunizations(shots)
  • Health education, you may need
  • Adolescent maternity and family planning services
  • Lab tests, such as mandatory blood lead testing and any other test which will assist the doctor
  • A plan of treatment